18 July 2009


i'm in the process of piecing together a new band, which i hope will happen asap, so i've been gathering a host of influences for the band, and here's some songs that struck me. some are closer to what i envision than others, but there's something to each of these that inspires the way i'm composing and mentally arranging the idea i have for this project.

and most importantly:

15 July 2009

would you be my fucking boyfriend

i find this song to be reminiscent of a poppier broadcast. hopefully the rest of their stuff is just as good. luckily i have a new music liaison. ;)

11 July 2009

moustache sally's useful tip number 1

while multitasking is smart, showering while one's towels are in the washing machine is not.

10 July 2009

a gaggle of silverback apes

last night after the jenny lewis - bon iver show, i wound down with my new favourite show, thanks to brikena. the writers of entourage compose some of the fastest, wittiest dialogue on television. what's more is that the central character, vince (vinnie) chase, rarely speaks a memorable line. his agent ari gold, however, tends to live up to his name with the rhetoric he imparts, as illustrated in what i found to be one of the funniest lines ever written:

in case you missed that, ari pleads, "i don't care if it's a porn shoot in which he is gang-raped by a gaggle of silverback apes." the line is pure, desperate hilarity, and referring to a group of silverback apes as a gaggle, a term usually reserved for geese, drastically upped the comedic ante for me. i'm all for expanding the utility of a term, and this usage is certainly cohesive with a broader definition. i'll also admit that i didn't know what a group of apes was called until i just googled it. apparently the appropriate term is shrewdness. thank you, ari gold. thank you.

season 6 premiers sunday on HBO.

09 July 2009

i'd like to visit the moon

i've been wanting to start a new blog since i deleted my last one and the one before, but i've been having a hard time deciding upon the content. i also just purchased a macbook for my personal use, which means i can now access the internet at home. :) anyway, i figure the new blog will just be the random stuff i think or find or whatever.

this first entry is inspired by a song my friend andrew, aka: the platte, covers sometimes. he played at a local library branch's outdoor amphitheatre last night, and this particular song was one i hoped to hear. not only did he play it, but i found out that it's a favourite tune of the lovely lady who was kind enough to accompany me. here's the original:

as a traveller i relate to the desire to visit many fascinating places, but i rather like the fact that i have my own space to return to filled with "places and people i love".